Every morning when I wake up to the slight amazement I haven’t died I try to remember to stop and say a slight prayer of thanksgiving to anyone who may be listening and pause to reflect I am on the verge of making those slight changes that would make all the difference. Or so I say. Some mornings I merely wake with the sensation the day will be 24 hours of morass and gunge, the type that suggests I shouldn’t have bothered.   This holiday weekend looks to be more of the latter philosophy. It was a rough work week; I have a lot of chart work to do. I don’t recall what Someone is doing this weekend but I hope he’s away working. I won’t be much fun.

I lead a dull life. This week’s highlight was a parcel of new underwear in the post. I tend to wear out my undergarments all at once so when it is time to get new ones I buy them in bulk. Several shorts arrived in the post this morning. They are made of some sort of fabric claiming they won’t crunch up in the crotch (hate when that happens). They are in gay colors of orange, blue, red, and some sort of green with a descriptive adjective connected to it.  With hope these lovelies will last several years.

Labor Day weekend may be all work and no play, just three days of Urs Truly sitting around in his [new] underwear and dictating notes, but it portends the arrival of fall. I say good riddance to summer which seemed hotter than usual. I hear from oldsters they grow less tolerable of the Arizona heat with each passing year, whether due to a growing sensitivity to temperature or global warming.  I look forward to going full-throttle about Halloween this year, in order to cheer myself up during the approaching fall melancholia I get about now.

It’s about 2pm; I wrote this during a blessed ‘no-show’ appointment. I am up to my oxters in work but I needed a break to do something anything than work.  Tonight after work Someone picks me up and we go to the happy hour for a drink or maybe two.  There I can forget about life and work for a while, and reflect on the day if I had any of those slight changes that would make all the difference. I smell olives.