Note: This entry is written as satire or at least tongue-in-cheek. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections didn’t find it funny. Rather it was seen as quite serious. As is their wont, when The Board gets confused by contents they either order me to write an introduction or they go set fire to a village.  I am going with the former.  No buildings were burned in the process – Spo.


Halloween 2018 trick-or-treat is a work in progress. My Martha Stewart vision was to fill little black witches cauldrons  with rare hard candies of gay colours.  The beggars would oh and ah at the sudden surprise realizing they weren’t going to get yet another fun-size Milky Way. I ordered the cauldrons from and the candies came from  The box arrived this week, full up with pink Dubble-bubbles and green Jolly Ranchers and red Atomic balls.  Alas, when I put the six separate sweeties in a test cauldron it looked a disappointment. I suppose it was the size of the thing, which was smaller than I envisioned. The exquisite candies look like dainty little old lady candies. I worry now the kids will see this as cheap. The candies are individually wrapped yet will the parents look upon this candy collection as an object of suspicion?  The rainbow assortment of sweets – will it be interpreted as subconscious recruitment of the innocents and my windows soaped or a cross burned on my lawn?  

Happily I have two weeks to figure out what to do. I suppose I can load up the cauldrons with even more sweets – there is room after all.  Rumor has it some Canadian friends of mine are soon sending Kerr’s Halloween candy. I thought this would be the proverbial cherry to top my Halloween sundae but now I wonder. As no American child has ever seen such will theses molasses treats be merely thrown out? Talk about casting pearls before swine! 


Perhaps I should break down and go to Costco and get some Snicker bars so the kiddies get something mundane and familiar. I shall eat the imperial tid-bit candies myself including the Kerrs.  Hmmm. I am thinking now it may be Smarties for the ingrates……..