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This morning as I was doing my good-enough ironing I listened to podcasts. One was a discussion how the Universe might end. The conclusion seems to be everything will explode out and fizzle into literally nothing. The news podcasts were no less depressing. I had to turn everything off and go listen to Annette Hanshaw singing “Would you like to take a walk?” to try to cheer myself up. *

Many of my friends voice enthusiasm for the midterm but I am not optimistic. I am trending towards pessimism. I fear a camarilla of gerrymandering and GOP shenanigans to keep away voters will win out, particularly if the Russians are assisting with the counting. In the mentioned podcast polled passers-by often voiced indifference  – not only towards the end of the universe but the end of society. Many voiced the world as we know it will be gone in a generation anyway so why bother to vote. In my work I sometimes hear hopelessness about improving health or saving for future as there isn’t going to be one.

Should we drink the Kool-aid of despair and go have a good time, not bother to vote, and never mind bothering to recycle or be civil? It’s tempting. 

Are we living in the worst of times? Thems who study history (as I) can say no we are not. The country and the world have been through many terrible times, and arguably worse than our present state.  The USA survived the Civil war; Spain survived Franco; Rome survived Nero;  Germany survived Hitler – you get the picture.  

At the end of one of the podcasts there was a quotation from FDR. “What problems made by man can be solved by man”.  This gives comfort. In these anxious times it is vital not to succumb to the notion the demise of the country and the world are inevitable and unstoppable. We will vote and we will remain active advocating for justice, civility, and reason – regardless of the election results. Or so I hope.



*Go look it up. This singer and song is a near-guarantee smile for you, especially if your mind goes towards double entendre. 

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