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I don’t have anything interesting to post so I thought I would share some words I am trying to cram into my already sodden lexicon.

bonzer – something excellent ; first rate

“In two weeks I am going to Palm Springs for a weekend  – Bonzer! “

concupiscent – strong desire; especially sexual desire

“I wonder if Palm Springs will be a convalescence or concupiscence type of weekend?” 

costive – something constipating or constipated 

“- and that morning as soon as I am up all the rest of the day very costive”  – excerpt from the diary of Samuel Pepys 

grubbling – feeling around hoping to find something.  It is like groping, except less organized. It is a verb that usually refers to pockets, but can also be used for feeling around blindly in desk drawers and whatnot.”

“Beware of happy hour at Palm Springs when men, full of drink, start grubbling about the bushes and/or singing Broadway tunes off-key. “

lenitive – alleviating pain or harshness; soothing.

“If Palm Springs isn’t concupiscent then it can at least be lenitive.” 

maladroit – ineffective or bungling; clumsy.

“I hope I don’t stumble into anything embarrassing when I am at Palm Springs lest I look socially maladroit. “

opsimath –  A person who begins to learn or study only late in life.   

“The guest house was an odd combination of youngsters and oldsters, some of the latter coming out late in life as opsimaths in the Palm Spring mysteries. “

salvo – a simultaneous discharge or two or more guns in action.

No I won’t. 

transmundane – something going beyond this world.

A double manhattan and a good book while sitting poolside at Palm Springs is a transmundane experience indeed. 

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