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I know of a campaign to curtail smoking in teenagers; it was a complete bust. The authors foolishly focused on ‘scary facts’ to dissuade these innocents from the evils of tobacco. Anyone who knows adolescents knows they feel immortal and smoking is used to rebel against thems in charge. In round #2 the campaign changed tactics focusing on how they were being duped and manipulated by Big Corporations run by The Man. This worked much better.

I bristle as being duped; I am constantly on guard for such. I am not a fool to think my psychological training makes me impervious to mental manipulation. Just remember: it is always the best swimmers who drowned. It is human nature to be duped so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. Regardless it burns my beets to discover once again someone or something has me schnuckered.*

Despite my hyper-vigilance against malaperts and machinations it is all-to-easy to be had. People are mighty crafty these days at dragging people into their belief systems, This is usually to get you to watch ads in order for you to buy things or to make you pass along ‘facts’ to others.

Not since the arrival of The Wizard of Oz has there been such an invention as social media. This morning I heard on “The Daily” show Mr. Z over at FB is up to no good again at dealing with his bungles and there is no end to his crafty manipulations. Shocking. Nowadays I am limiting my exposure to FB and Twitter – even the news apps – as I can’t help feeling poisoned by the tainted air that breathes from their hearts.  The fear of ‘missing out” has no foundation in fact and the world won’t crash if I don’t check in every five minutes.

Sometimes it is the little plots that most piss me off. Thems who have cellphones can relate: mine continually chirps notifications to the point it sounds like morning birdsong.  Nasty little red dots appear in the corner of the apps that wave ‘Come look at me I’m very important !”.  Apparently they are designed to connect to my monkey brain parts that are always on the lookout for danger and bright shiny objects.

Mae West was asked her opinion of the complaints about her Sunday radio show; people were outraged at the contents. She replied “Well, they could have turned it off”. Sensible woman and sensible advice! So this morning I turned off the notifications. The phone is eerily silent. No doubt it’s plotting some outrage and I still stupidly am looking at it wondering if it is broken or something.  I suspect I will get used to it and wonder why on earth I didn’t think of this sooner.  Meanwhile the apps will no doubt form a cabal to figure out how to circumvent my wall of defense.  One is forever on guard.


*Being schuckered is a Midwest synonym for being duped or conned. Alas I can’t find the proper spelling of the word. Does anyone know?

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