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Greetings from Palm Springs, Land of Retirees.  Urs Truly is here for a weekend of reading, resting, and so forth. I am staying at Desert Paradise Warm Sands – my first time – for my usual abode Inndulge was booked.   


This is the view from outside my door. 

The rooms here are named after divas. They have:  July Garland room; Madonna; Lucille Ball; Joan Crawford (rumored to be haunted) etc.  I am in the Bette Midler Suite.


Behold the painting over the queen-sized bed.

Can you imagine trying to sleep etc. under her?  Rumor has it one needs to turn her around lest gentleman callers are distracted.  

Leon the Larger 

Leon A.K.A The Wild One and DougT are at next door with the “A” listers. They are both well over four feet. L is constantly cold. While the others are walking around sky-clad he’s bundled burrito-style shivering.  


There is no such thing as a side pasta – boo ! 

We had dinner last night at a local family Italian restaurant. I am always eager for a good eggplant parmesan. It is a hard dish to do properly. Alas, it was soggy – page 71!  Oh well. The company and good cheer (and two glasses of chianti) made up for the meal. 


The dears at the resort have The Holy Book in the dresser drawer lest there is a crisis and one needs to quote Job or something.  Several scenes in Judges are applicable for some of the shenanigans that go on around here – or so I am told.  Urs Truly – party animal that he is – fell asleep around 8PM. I lead a dull life. 

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