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Usually when I visit Palm Springs Fearsome Beard (the dear!) comes to town to bless me with his presence. He was not physically here this time but his influence is strong.  Here’s an entry inspired by that wonderful and  whiskered sage. 

While staying at Palm Springs I meet a lot of wayfarers many who are retired or planning to do such. At happy hour they talk about their lives and plans. I wonder if these brief interactions will change me somehow- or at least make me think of change. Listening to these fellows I get thoughtful about my future. I always leave the city with pensive thoughts about what awaits me as I return to the mundane matters of my life. 

It is quite easy to tend the trees and not the forest. Every day is full up with repetitive predictable activities enough to fill the day and get to the end having ‘done the list’. Then you sleep and repeat. Decades later you wonder where the time went and weren’t I supposed to do something?  

Synchronicity delivered onto me a shake up. Fearsome Beard (the dear!) recently posted the following:  

I start today like I start every day and that is with a choice:

Should I play the same record over and over or should I change my world? Growth comes through change.

Today is the beginning of the rest of my life. All I have to do to change the world is to start by changing my mind.

Well said! 

One of the comforts of life is you can get over its disappointments. We can break from the past that haunts and the present with its ‘rules’.  Regardless, there is choice. 

We often become what we practice.  I can see how chanting this mantra every morning can help keep conscious the marvelous notion things can be different.  Or so I hope. 

Fearsome B’s practice is about shifting psychological paradigms but I plan to apply it to the concrete things as well. I want to work on my future goals. Can I ever retire, and when and where? What do I want out of life? I have a bucket list; I have a roster of home (and self) improvements as long as your arm. I want these things fulfilled. I don’t want to get through another ten years having gone to work and home and not much else. 

This week is Thanksgiving; I won’t be having one. Someone works that day and I have nowhere to go. I will be at home to myself. I will use the quiet weekend to reflect on all I am thankful for. Then – there’s work to be done! I plan to do some self reflection on what records do I play over and over and which ones do I want/need to change – to to what. I will make some lists of things to do. 

My tarot card for 2019 is The Fool. More synchronicity! Tying all this stuff together in classic Jungian fashion, then Fearsome is serving the role of The Fool in my life. I am honored so!  The Fool/FB represents a new beginning — and, consequently, an end to something in the old life. He portends important decisions ahead which may not be easy to make, and involve an element of risk.

May it be so. 



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