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There is no work like the three days prior to the Thanksgiving day weekend. The phone rings allegro non troppo from folks anxious to get their Rx filled before the long weekend. Lord forbid they run out of valium and have to face the family dinner unmedicated.  In this day and age I can renew prescriptions 24/7 but people still worry about getting all done before Wednesday evening. Remember the time you had to get to the bank before Friday evening lest you run out of cash for the weekend? It’s a three-day rush followed by two days (I hope) of peace and quiet. 

I won’t have Thanksgiving. Someone works all day Thursday and I don’t really know anyone to crash their arty. Thursday will be a quiet day home alone. Please don’t feel sad or write in. I am looking forward to two days of non-living. There will tea and books followed by a snort and a simple supper. Doesn’t that sound scrumptious? I plan to make me some M&C using fried cubes of SPAM. Thanks Ravanger619 !

Friday will be even quieter. Sooner I’d eat rats at Tewkesbury than venture out on Black Friday. That said my hair wants cutting. If there is parking I will go to the barbershop.  I lead a dull life. 

I whooped it up for Halloween and Thanksgiving is a bust. That 1 to 0 on the score card. I haven’t yet made put my mind whether or not to do a full up Christmas or just blow it off. Whatever, I shan’t worry about it now. Although it is only 8PM I think I will crawl into bed now with Mr. Pepys. It’s January 1666 and he is hoping for a good year. Ouch. 


P.S. Someone and I will have a modest turkey breast with stuffing and kung pao Brussels sprouts on Sunday, his day off. 

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