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Although I didn’t eat a scrap of proper Thanksgiving dinner today I had a lovely holiday. It started with a call from Warrior Queen and her consort Todd G. (the dears!). I had several FaceTime calls from various Spo-relations who were all bouncing off each other with ADHD excitement. For supper I made a fabulous M&C with fried cubes of SPAM. It was very good and we ate it with relish. After dinner Someone and I watched an episode of Dr. Who and I had a good snort of rare Mexican whisky (no basura). Oh to have a proper fireplace fire right now!  It would be an absolute delight to sit in the inglenook and fall asleep.

I coiffed the blog with some holiday trimmings. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections is pleased as punch to have its photo inserted among the widgets*.  

Despite the my frock and the gaiety of the day I don’t have much to report otherwise. Tomorrow I take the car to the mechanic. I hope the dear can figure out what is making that dreadful scraping noise under the car. I sense I will have lots of waiting time to compose something of wit and value.  Don’t touch that dial. 




*Actually the picture is a cartoon pinched from the internet. I’ve never been successful getting them to sit still long enough to get a proper portrait. Once upon a time I hired a professional photographer to do the job. It didn’t go well. They took umbrage at his bossiness and retakes. In the end they burned down the studio and sold him to the Rus. It was tactless but they were very angry. 

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