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Last weekend Sunday night Someone and I had our Thanksgiving dinner.  As there was only the two of us, we tried to ‘keep it simple”.  Cooking a holiday meal ‘for two’ is not humanely possible, at least in our house. Despite trying to cut recipes in half, we had tons of leftovers. We will be living off this simple supper for a fortnight.   On the other hand if there was one day in the year for over-eating and self-indulgence it is Thanksgiving.

Someone doesn’t like mashed potatoes but he likes sweet potatoes – or yams as he sometimes calls them. He made a sweet potato casserole.  It had a brown sugar topping and was as sweet as sugar candy. Deprived of mashed potatoes I put my foot down on mini-marshmallows in the dish.  It’s tough to pair wine with Thanksgiving dinner given the sweetness of this dish. Wine aficionados suggest eliminating the sweet potato dish for the sake of the wine but this was vetoed by Someone with a hot oath.

He also made a corn dish, whose title included “Bourbon” in it. Someone doesn’t drink bourbon so he relied on my advice which one to purchase. Only a few tablespoons were needed, so I chose a good bottle, knowing I get the rest. It was a win-win situation.  I liked the dish although Someone thought it a disappointment: it was supposed to be more of cake when it was more likely a loose pudding.

We had a turkey breast rather than a full turkey so there wasn’t a cavity in which to cook the stuffing. This is supposed to be hazardous to do anyway. We made ours in a crockpot somewhat out of whimsy but mostly to free up space in the oven and the stove top.   Our stuffing is based upon cornbread, another Someone favorite.  I think he could live off of cornbread and sweet potatoes.

One downside of a turkey breast we realized is there is no dark meat or legs. I like a turkey leg and dark meat is good for chicken pot pies, which is the official Spo-house dish for food-pushing leftover turkey.  Perhaps we will make a turkey soup this time around.

What was missing was green bean casserole.  While I extol proper food and abjure rubbish I confess I like this dish.  Mother made it the Midwest way: a can of cream of mushroom soup combined with a can of green beans, with salt and pepper to taste.  The fried onion topping appeared later on.

Someone loves to make pumpkin pie; he always makes two of them. He likes his with homemade whipped cream; I like mine with Edam cheese. We had some of both.  I had only one slice which satiates my appetite for pie. This morning I saw in the fridge  ~ 3/4 of the first pie had been consumed in the night.  I suspect Nargles are behind it.

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