I apologize to Spo-fans near and far I’ve had no time to write a proper post. I am in  conferences all day long, powwowing with my fellow wizards, learning things to make me less stupid.  The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections are down the street at Treasure Island” playing poker.* Here are some tidbits I have learned along the way.

Try to tell as many people as you can in town. 

20% of the body’s energy is consumed by the brain, although it is only 2% of the body’s mass.  Pig. 

Speaking of rapacious brain matter, 50% of our genes are for brain development. 

Despite ‘depot shot’ medications’ proven benefits towards keeping patients stable, patients are loathe to use them. They want control; they want to stop meds if they should want to.  

There are five main types of dementia: Alzheimers; Frontal lobe; Lewy body type; Parkinson-type; Vascular-type. I remember them with the mnemonic  “All Fags Love Pink Vests”. I admit it isn’t a nice way to remember something but it works. 

Before the onset of dementia, the first sign is ceasing usual activities and the second sign is developing a depressed or apathetic mood. 

Estrogen has anti-psychotic -like properties but androgens tend to cause psychosis. This means women are generally sane while men are basically crazy.

The leading cause of traumatic brain injury isn’t car accidents or assaults or sports injuries; it is falls. Try not to have any please. 

Haldol kills neurons via 15 different toxic ways. Don’t use this. Ever. Besides, it’s so 80s. 

There is a growing prevalence of autism. No one knows why. It could be because what we call autism has become so broad. 

Giving amphetamines to patients makes them feel good, something called ‘the halo effect”. Just because a person feels better doesn’t mean they have ADHD or depression. It means they are taking speed. 🙂 


*They were banned from “Paris” for reasons I won’t mention lest you are eating.