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Walking the dog

The munificent municipality has opened a dog park only 5-10 minutes away.  Hot puppies indeed! Dog-walks are good but they don’t allow Harper to run amok or socialize with other dogs. We three went yesterday to check the place out. 
For thems unfamiliar with dog parks they consist of three fenced area: one for small dogs; one for large ones; one for rotation to allow the grass to recuperate  from countless foot and paw traffic. While the dogs run around their owners allegedly watch for signs of trouble. 

Harper is medium-sized so she doesn’t quite fit well into either section. On the whole she likes the smaller dogs, whom she leads in a merry runaround in circles.  Someone feels she should socialize more with dogs her own size or larger so we went to the large dog park. Besides, that one was full up and the other was vacant – no fun that. 

Yesterday’s debut had a kerfuffle and a traumatic one at that for no sooner as we had entered Harper, already not too certain about this, was assaulted by a large poodle. He was wanting to engage in what Henry VIII called ‘rough wooing” and when Harper’s ‘No’ was rejected* the beast got nasty. Its owner was a little old lady who called out “oh Charley stop that.” with as much success as Willy Wonka telling Violet to cease chewing gum. Harper was looking to jump up into his arms like Scooby-do. Someone got cross with the woman for her lack of efficacy and we left. Not a good start.

Emerson said “Always do the thing you are afraid to do”. This advice was not comforting to Harper who on the way to today’s attempt was shaking like a leaf.  She entered looking like she was going to her slaughter. Like a helicopter parent I thought we should leave right now when I saw her looking vexed, but Someone stayed firm. After some nebbish running around Harper calmed down but she stayed close. She’s always been one to prefer smaller dogs but she interacted OK enough. Good for her! It is hoped with regular attendance she sees going to the park as exciting as a dog-walk.  Harper is now dog-tired sleeping away in her house, apparently content.  It’s a dog’s life. 


Harper and friends

There is a curious consequence of going: While driving home yesterday we saw a coyote; today we saw a javelina. We wondered what comes next – Godzilla perhaps.


Harper loves her Someone



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