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Ho ho ho it’s a week until Christmas Eve and we still haven’t got the tree up. Sometimes it’s down to the wire and we decide it’s not worth the fuss to erect it and take it down in the same 48 hours. This year I want a Christmas tree; I’ve asked Someone on his day off (tomorrow) to put up the tree and then I will decorate it.  Someone’s mind is on work while my mind is more on meals.

I’d forgotten I had ordered a fruitcake from Zingermans of Ann Arbor, MI until Mo (the owner) emailed me last weekend to remind me it’s on its way. [1] I  plan to make a birthday cake for Baby Jesus for Christmas Eve dinner. [2] We feel this is quite enough sweets for two. However, to go through the holiday without making at least one cookie seems like blasphemy. Thus I will make “S” cookies which are a Spo-traditional imperial tidbit originating from mother’s side. These simple cookies are S-shaped (!)  spicy, not too large, yet satisfying – like my men.  It is enough for Christmas.

I thought to get a Honey-baked ham but Someone vetoed it on the grounds they are expensive, overrated, and we could probably make one at home just as good. He is going to make one with some sort of sauce called “Jezebel” which strikes me as odd given he is a Baptist. We will be glazing a ham but we won’t be making a cherry pie. [3]

I don’t have a drop of Italian blood (worse luck!) but I like the notion of having fish on Christmas Eve. I need to find a proper Sockeye salmon no rubbish to go with the mentioned Gingerbread cake.

Christmas morning menu consists of pork sausage, which is an old favorite of mine. [4] Someone doesn’t care much for eggs, but he likes pancakes, so we often have them. He likes syrup on his while I like jam.  I suppose we will have bloody marys as nothing says Christmas like a little hohohoing like drinking right away.

While Christmas dinner is concluded I plan to have a snort of the new scotch I purchased using the annual tip received from The Boss-man. That should be the final self-indulgence of the day.

Yes that seems a Merry Christmas indeed

On Boxing Day we vow ‘never again’ at least until February. 🙂



[1] The fruitcake costs 70$. I figured if I was to have a fruitcake it had better be a king-size-titanic-unsinkable-Molly-Brown proper one made with organic fruit and organic spices by organic people. We live once.

[2] Gingerbread cake made from a recipe from the late 1700s.

[3] I hope somebody gets this. Please say so in the comments.

Answer: a reference to a song in “Mame”. Patrick’s nurse is praying to St. Bridget to deliver them to Beekman Place to Auntie Mame “She’s baked him a cherry pie and glazed a ham/her dear arms reach out for his embrace”.    Remind me not to do this one again.

SSANa       ans

[4] I like them in patty form; I eat them with relish.

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