Every morning at 5AM when I wake I have a slight surprise I have done so.  I say a quick prayer of thanksgiving to the gods or whomever may be listening that day and get up and get on with it.  At this time of the year I see the sun rise from my office desk around 730AM which makes me pensive as to what the day may have in store for me. Today’s patient roster looks like any other work-day: I have about two dozen folks to see; many of them will be well over four feet and with pending angst about pending change of insurance/co-pays etc. There will be a fistful of prior-auths to do. I will get ~ 20 requests for prescription renewals and more than a few fires to put out. If I am lucky, the pharmaceutical lunch won’t be too mundane or tedious. It’s the same old stuff really. Throughout the day I will wonder how on earth am I going to get through it all and then I always do. After work I try to get myself to the gym even though all I will want to do is go home and curl up with Harper and Samuel Pepys.  I will do some homework and phone calls. Perhaps I will strive to do some Christmas decorating which are still not up. I will go to sleep and wonder if I will wake in the morrow although it’s a pretty safe bet.

Daily living with its daily tasks can easily slip by without conscious thought. We go through the motions, responding to the matters at hand. It will hardly feel like anything, ‘Just living’ I suppose is said with a shrug of indifference. It is both soothing and disappointing.  Most of us want lives filled with pizzazz when in fact they are not. Mr. Pepys in his diary basically tells the same sort of day: He gets up and he goes to his office. He interacts with people; he has his supper; ‘and now to bed”.  Life. As I age the mundane rhythm of daily doings is seen as a comfort rather than a sign for a shake up.  My Midwest genetics sees this sort of existence as proper while my Nordic roots wants to go a-Viking and soon dammit.  However even the Vikings were sensible enough to stay home at winter time. I shall focus my day on doing the best I can for my patients and take some comfort I got through another day hopefully well enough.