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This I go downtown to see “The Nutcracker”. I wonder why I bother. I’ve seen it countless times and the Arizona Ballet hasn’t changed the production since I first went in 2005. I know the music and choreography by heart; there will be nothing new or noteworthy.  On the positive, the ticket is free  and I will see Someone who is ushering*. Afterwards we will go to Hanny’s to see their tree and have an aviation while we wait for the traffic to clear.  Even this is ‘routine’ and nothing new. On a similar note, I put up the Christmas decorations today. These are the same ornaments and knickknacks we’ve had for decades. I know where everything goes. This is the nice thing about tradition: they repeat over and over and in the unsurprising rhythm you feel good about it. In a world of constant flux seeing the same ballet and house decorations is a comfort. While I age they stay the same.

I doubt I will fare well tonight as I’ve been working nonstop today running around the house decking the halls and donning the gay apparel. It all raised a lot of dust to the point I began sneezing. Foolishly I took an allergy pill. There is a safe bet by curtain rise Urs Truly will be sleeping with sugar plums dancing in his head.  I hope to make it long enough to see the rats. Every year I think maybe this year they will win the battle but that bitch Clara always does so in the end. Most of the time she throws her shoe and it doesn’t hit anything let alone The Mouse King but it causes him to drop dead anyway.  Talk about efficacy!  The second act of ‘The Nutcracker’ doesn’t much appeal to me what with all those wretched stereotypes running amok.  All the same, I suspect I will enjoy it merely for the sake of being there again. I’ve been cooped up all day and want to get out. Seeing the little girls is a heartwarming spectacle, particularly if they are being escorted by CDs. **

That’s all the news here. When Someone gets home  I hope he likes the house now festive with trimmings and enough votive candles to light up a carnival cruise ship.  It’s been a lot of work but I think it worth it.


*It is ‘high holy days” for Someone as usher captain. Some years he ushers over a dozen of these things. Oh the pain.

**Cute dads.

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