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Every year starting in late December all the citrus trees in Phoenix start putting out their abundance. Soon everyone will be inundated with lemons, oranges, and grapefruit. Not too far from our house is this lemon tree: it routinely has its bounty hovering over the owner’s back wall onto the sidewalk. Harper and I walk by it twice a day. I’ve been watching the lemons slowly ripen and lo! They are ready!  Sometimes the tree drops its goods onto the sidewalk where they are up for grabs. This has to be timed right lest the rats get them first or what is on the ground is way past their prime.  Alas, the ones hanging here are just out of reach.

Every year I am tempted to come in the night with a stepladder and pick some. This leads to an ethical question: are they really mine to pick? I have no qualms to pick lemons up from the sidewalk so why not just pick them now? The owner has plenty of them on his side of the wall and he probably doesn’t even know these exist.  Apart from the ethics of it all is my vanity. Imagine a car coming around the corner only to see Urs Truly up a stepladder picking lemons! Oh the embarrassment!  And it’s not like there are no lemons. There are plenty of them baby, not only in the grocery store but on all the other trees.  If I wait just a few more weeks The Boss Man will bring me a sackful of citrus.

So – what is it that makes me covet these low-hanging lovelies? I guess there is an evil streak of greed going on. I want them as they are there.  I think it’s in the Bible (Wisdom?) ‘Stolen sweets are sweeter” or something like that.

Spo-fans who are wondering if I’ve gone crackers can rest assured I am not planning on pinching the produce. I will wait for luck drop one or two on our heads the next time we go on a dog walk.  If there are none coming my way, so be it.

Sometimes when life doesn’t give your lemons you can be assured you didn’t want lemonade anyway.

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