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Journal writingThis year I start an attempt at observing ‘Tech-less Tuesday” a day when I forgo social media/email/apps etc. However, The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections reminded me last night at their New Year’s Eve Party I am under contract to write a New Years Day entry as per The Contractual Obligation. There was also their dire threat of the loss of my index fingers. [1] Tech-less Tuesday will commence next week with all ten phalanges.

Every year I make a long list of resolutions which I don’t keep. A lot of my failure is from not paying attention to the resolutions after I make them.  I always use the “SMART” approach: Specific ; Measureable ; Realistic ; Timely. [2]  Alas! Alas ! Then I don’t remember what they are. This year I plan to have post-its and phone reminders to keep me on my toes so they remain conscious. I hope I make at least some of them. I am calling the 2019 matters my goals.The achievement of goals is based on the axiom there is only so much time in my day. If my goals are to regularly stretch, go the gym, read twenty books, and roll down twelve new grass hills, this means I have to take time away from doing other things. Last year I didn’t make ‘twelve new soups’ as I didn’t allot time to do so.  I suspect I waste a lot of time on Facebook and idly surfing the internet, so there is amble time there. [3]

Two other goal/resolution lists being generated today are my Bucket list and The House Project. It pains me to report I keep misplacing The Bucket List so I have to keep redoing it . ‘Seeing the Northern Lights’ always comes to mind when I try to remember what was on it, as does ‘Listening to all Jethro Tull albums’.

‘The House Project’  list is a compilation of all that needs doing around The Spo House. I plan to nail it Martin-Luther-like to the refrigerator door where all (Someone) can see it on a regular basis on the hopes I am either excommunicated or something gets done.

Seriously now, there is nothing like a new year to inspire one to self-improvement. I am fortunate to have lived to see another one roll around. I would be pleased to get to 2020 having achieved some of my goals, one of two Bucket list items, and a house project or two.  Let us hope so.


[1] It was quite boisterous even by Nordic standards. By 9PM they were already quite in their cups and happily smashing furniture over each other’s heads. I was able to sneak out without being noticed and was home in bed with the Harper-kins by 10PM.

[2] I forget what “A” stands for.

[3]  This does not include reading blogs. When I put down Facebook/Twitter etc. I nearly always have a feeling I’ve wasted time but never when I finish blogs.

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