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On New Years day we went to Bloodbath and Beyond and got us a new humidifier.  We’ve both complained lately of interrupted sleep due to dry mouth and closed-off nasal passages possibly from xeric sleeping conditions. It’s dry enough living in the desert most of the time but the winter months are especially arid with the heat sometimes on. Wet towels and nearly dry laundry dry out quick as quarter notes.* 

To be sure we have two humidifiers but these are inoperable. Both require filters they type that resemble white sponges, both wanting a specific size and shape.  Replacement filters are nearly impossible to find although Someone (bless him!) found some possible replacements for one of them at Amazon. In a few days we hope to have “A” once again operating. “B” alas went into the rubbish after a proper funeral oration.  

One humidifier is not enough to do the job so we got a new one as stated. These modern types don’t need filters but use a ‘demineralizer’. This is a blue plastic capsule resembling a mitochondria. It bobs about in the water and is rather mesmerizing to watch. Fearing it will go the way of the filter viz. difficult to find I bought as many replacements as I could carry. I think we are set for many years. 

“The Total Comfort Humidifier” emits a fine mist and hardly makes a sound. This is a disappointment for I am used to humidifiers making gurgling sonorous sounds which serve as ‘white noise’ to sooth my sleep.  Its mist resembles the steam that emanates from a boiling tea kettle, which is nice. I see we have a draft as most of the mist is streaming out the bedroom into the hallway, defeating the purpose. I moved it closer to Someone’s side of the bedroom and things look better.

Whether it is a placebo effect or it genuinely works is of no matter. We seem to be waking with less dryness. Keeping it filled is extra work.  In our house I am Water-master (being a Cancer); it is my job to keep the all humidifiers filled and running.  I don’t really mind. Seeing the steam rise into the air gives me a quiet satisfaction of humidity and wholesomeness. 




*I tend to pull the laundry out from the dryer while it every so slightly damp while Someone dries it to the point of it being almost hot to handle. When I think upon dating apps with their questions of compatibility I believe laundry habits should be up there with thoughts on religion and smoking.

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