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Heavens! It’s been a few days since I posted anything! Happily this weekend The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections was asleep at the switch so they did not notice. I had a busy weekend doing There’s-work-to-be-done chores. I am pleased to report most of them are accomplished – except read blogs. I will do this after I post. 

1# – While discussing finances with Someone I discovered a major faux-pas. I thought he has been paying The Personal Trainer all this time when he hasn’t. I quickly texted TPT who revealed he’s received no payment since spring 2018. Oh the embarrassment. He was immediately paid and all is well. I didn’t ask why on earth he hadn’t said anything. If I hadn’t discovered this bungle I wonder how long it would go on until (out of anger) he sent an exercise programme guaranteed to break my legs. *

#2 – Last night I discovered the libation Boulevardier.** It is basically a Negroni but instead of using gin it is made with bourbon. Oh the ecstasy! My soul swoons. I got my future-ex-wife Kat (bartender extraordinaire) to make one for me although she hadn’t the foggiest what it was.*** We agreed it was TME (Truly Most Excellent). We were glad to have had this ‘first time’ with each other.  Someone didn’t like it, saying it was better than a Negroni but that’s as far as it goes. 

#3 – Rather than toss them in the trash I put the poinsettias into pots in the backyard. They will eventually turn green and (lord willing) turn red again by next Christmas.  This is based the presumption they will survive the summer heat. 

#4 – Finally, I am pleased as punch to announce I started the year weighing 80.6 kilos. It is now 79.1 kilos. For thems who don’t know metric, this is a 3lb weight loss. It is a good start. Palm Springs is coming.  Provided Someone doesn’t feed me buns and things I may make an ingress at Inndulge in this years’ Spo-shirts but in last year’s trousers. Wish me luck. 



*I only just discovered another overlooked bungle: Debra (a long time Spo-fan) isn’t just a reader but a blogger buddy!  Oh the embarrassment.  Time for the Aricept.

**It is also a noun for a wealthy, fashionable socialite.

***The waiter at said watering-hole is a young man named Scott. He is well over four feet and he always remembers me despite countless clientele. I thought this due to my charm, physique, and Attic wit. He confessed it’s because ‘your are the guy who always orders the funny-sounding drinks I’ve never heard of’.  So much for his generous tip. 

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