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I keep making a Bucket List only to lose them. This obliges me to recreate them.  More puzzling than where they go* is my difficulty remembering what was on them. You would think after several incarnations I could recite them from rote. I hope there isn’t some subconscious shenanigans going on viz. I don’t want to accomplish things in life. Sometimes the simplest explanations are best: I am a ditz.

There is no point in asking assistance from Someone as he doesn’t do Bucket Lists let along remember min. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections wrote they looked through their files without success at finding a copy. They managed to remember a few things though, which they graciously sent along, but these look suspiciously like theirs not mine. Example: I don’t recall ever actually wanting to have set fire to a public building for example. 

It turns out I’ve blogged on this misplaced BLs more than once. This allowed me to retrieve lots but the process gave me the grim sensation I am in my own private Groundhog Day. 

So far so good. Naples wasn’t rebuilt in a day but I am making progress. I want to see a fjord and I want to own a top hat. I want to make a bow-tie and finish a log cabin quilt started so long ago I don’t remember when.  When the Bucket List is finally resurrected I think what I will squirrel it away in several places where the Gremlins and Gnomes can’t touch’em. Perhaps a separate page here is a good idea. By now I highly doubt anyone wants to read it but this may be better than yet another bloody blog entry on where is my Bucket List.  🙂 


*I suspect a cabal of Computer Gremlins and Car Key Gnomes. The former knows how to get around my laptop like Russian trolls while the latter excels at moving things about where I can’t find anything. Stirges.

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