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This month I’ve gone from 80.6 kilos to 78.9 kilos. It is a comfort to know regular exercise and some self-restraint at the table still works as well as any nonsensical diet regimen.

At home we are taking a break from “Blue Apron” in order to try “Hello Fresh”. The first box arrived yesterday and it seems about the same in style and preparation so I think this is a case of Coke vs. Pepsi. The first HF meal took fewer pots and pans to prepare so that’s a plus.

Last night I dropped my cellphone (again) but this time there was real damage. A recusant vertical fluorescent green light has appeared is taking up 25% of the viewing screen. Not only is it a nuisance but its intensity makes looking at the phone painful to the point of needing sunglasses. I need to cancel Saturday’s appointments to hippity-hop to the Apple shop where I hope some nice service representative (usually just post-puberty) will fix or replace it. I fear I will have to buy a new one, which I admit it my fault but makes me peevish.  Oh the nuisance of it all.

Techless Tuesday is going fair. I still have to have my phone on to get pass codes for prescriptions and to be stand-by for the pager system. Nevertheless I’ve managed to avoid social and news apps with fair success. I don’t think my Tuesday helping of podcasts nullifies the resolution although Someone says it does.

I recently found a list of expressions Benjamin Franklin composed to describe a fellow who is drinking. Mr. Franklin – who was a wicked old screw despite his virtuous façade – does not make it clear if he made these up himself or he merely collected them. Here’s some of my favorites:

“He’s been too free with the creature””
“He’s taken The Elixir of Hippocrates”.
“He’s been to Jericho.”
He’s been among the Philippians.”


“He’s been too free with Sir Richard”

I haven’t had any success locating any facts about Sir Richard. I want to know why the fellow was synonymous with bibulous past-times. The homoerotic subtext of the expression is intriguing. Perhaps Sir Richard wasn’t an actual man at but a euphemism probably for a body part known to become less restrained under the influence of The Elixir of Hippocrates. I must do some ‘field research’ as they say in the business of science.  This evening after work I am going to Jericho myself to have my future ex-wife Kat make me and my pals some Boulevardiers. My chums are not Philippians per se but they are all well over four feet and only a few of them are too free with Sir Richard.


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