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The iPhone and the laptop want repair. Spo-fans recently read I dropped the thing causing a slab of bright green light to obscure the starboard side of the screen. So it was hippity-hop to the iPhone shop to find some nice young person (do they have any others?) to tell me what needs to be done. I also brought in my laptop for it’s battery is useless. Nowadays it goes from full charge to dark screen in less than ten minutes. 

Whenever I enter an Apple store I instantly feel ninety years old and stupid. These stores are manned by a troop or post-pubescent (barely) salesmen running around with devices in their hair and hands. It’s a combination of The Borg and The Mickey Mouse Club.  In contrast the clientele look like a retirement home. It is an odd combination. 

As I waited my turn at the genius bar I read Pepys Diary. There was a tad of irony to this: imagine Urs Truly looking into a paper book while all around folks are engrossed in their techie toys. It was quite a sight. 

Jordon (the dear!) tells me he can replace the battery but it has to be ordered, for my laptop is considered ‘vintage’. I beg your pardon, I asked, what is considered ‘vintage”. He explained: my laptop was purchased in 2012. I decided it wasn’t tactful to argue in my opinion 2012 is not vintage but considered only yesterday.  I have to decide to 

  1. buy the battery
  2. live without it
  3. get a new laptop. 

As for the iphone, the good news is it is not beyond repair but only needs a new display panel. With warranty this will only cost about thirty dollars.  The bad news this was said to me nearly two hours ago and I am beginning to doubt I will ever see Jordon or iPhone ever again.  It’s like a gadgety-Godot situation and I have no choice. Happily Pepys diary is a thick tome. 

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