“Savor” is a podcast about foodstuffs. In their most recent episode they talked about – of all things! – Ranch Dressing. Not only is it the most popular salad dressing in the USA but is now being used/promoted as a condiment ‘the new ketchup’ as it were. This was all news to me. The podcast episode made me meditate on salad dressing in general.*

I am suspicious of bottled dressing the type found in the grocery stores. “Fat free” dressings taste ‘off’ and they are full of sugar, gums, and other ingredients to resemble a chemistry class. The ‘real ones’ evoke in me the sense I can make this at home for a fraction of the cost.

I generally don’t use salad dressing actually; I prefer vinegar and oil and not much of either. I use balsamic vinegar and proper olive oils – no rubbish! I make mine using a glass container that once upon a time came with a packet of desiccated dressing (Italian probably). To it I add my vinegar, my oil, and whatever spices or herbs are at hand and viola! Good-enough salad dressing. When the concoction is not used for salads, it makes a good dip for bread and pizza crusts. Ranch dressing as condiment be damned. 

Someone doesn’t like v/o; he buys the plastic bottle types at the supermarket – usually Ranch. 

I haven’t the foggiest how many types of salad recipes there are but if an alien were to beam down and eat at any typical restaurant they would come to the conclusion there are only four:  Italian, ranch, bleu cheese, and 1000 island. I remember from my youth my elders liked“Russian” and “Green Goddess” but apparently these went out with the bell-bottoms. 

I am curious to hear what Spo-fans use/like for salad dressing. If anyone has a good recipe for such I would be blithe to try it.  



*The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections was apoplectic over my proposal I do an entry on salad dressing. They even proposed “Walking the dog” be resurrected. TBDHSR abjure salads and vegetables in general, other than rutabagas. For some reason they adore rutabagas, which they eat with relish.