Someone listens to a podcast that always ends with the panel question: “What’s making you happy this week?” The panelists then take turns answering this inquiry. I thought I would give it a try.

What is making me happy this week?

My laptop has a new battery, which frees me from the necessity to be plugged into an outlet. The old battery was holding only ten minutes of juice before the screen went dark.  The Apple store was able to replace the battery. Mr. Salesman (who looked about 15yo) explained to me the battery had to be ordered . My laptop and its battery are considered ‘vintage’. Vintage? He explained mine was a 2012 model and anything over five years old is considered ‘vintage’. Urs Truly does not consider 2012 ‘vintage’. Back to the point – I can use Vintage Mac sans cord. I look forward to reading and writing blogs n Palm Springs  by the pool without the need for a long orange extension cord. 

Once again it is grapefruit season in here in Phoenix. Everyone’s citrus trees are putting out fruit en masse. Sacks of yellow and pink grapefruit are thrust upon me at work. From now until March I can have one every day, which I eat with relish. 

I can fit into my dress trousers again! Let’s hear it for diet and exercise! I’ve had to stay in khaki Dockers the ones with stretch waistlines. Maybe I can soon again wear some T-shirts I put away. 

At work we won’t be doing paper prescriptions anymore; all scripts are to be electronic. This cuts down on errors and the constant need to be on the lookout for prescription pad theft. Medicine is moving into the modern age.

Also at work: I am told AHCCCS (Arizona’s Medicaid program) no longer accepts prescriptions from non-AHCCCS providers (hey, that’s me). The AHCCCS patients will have to see AHCCCS doctors. They won’t be happy of course, but they will actually get more resources (including Rx coverage) and I get to purge my overloaded patient roster. 

Finally,  speaking of podcasts, I was mentioned on one!    I was pleased as punch to hear my name mentioned.  It’s a small thing but it made my week. 


So, what’s making you happy this week?