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Walking the dog

On Wednesday at work I wrote a witty and wonderful entry. Unfortunately I forgot to post it. This Thursday morning I have no new notions. So, there is always “Walking the Dog”.  I don’t think The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections will notice until it’s too late. Apparently it’s rather cold in the Midwest and even they aren’t venturing out of doors.

One can not rely on a dog to look at the stars while on a walk. This morning around 5AM there was a beautiful astral arrangement of four celestial bodies in a row: Venus, the crescent Moon, Jupiter, and the star Antares in Scorpius rising. I took a photo but it didn’t do the stelliferous spectacle half justice. Meanwhile Harper was snout to the ground inspecting the sniffs entangling me in leash as I was looking up not paying attention to the human Maypole she was creating. It nearly caused a fall for the both of us. There goes dignity and our good Henley Street name.

Spo-fans – especially Old Lurker – will be relieved or shocked to read I harvested two lemons mentioned in previous “Walking the Dog” entries. Twice a day we walk by this tempting tree, taunting us with its lemon-burdened branch which hangs over the sidewalk just out of reach. Yesterday night we went out with some long handled pincers and when the coast was clear we picked us a few. Mercifully there was no shooting.  I carried the booty home in a black doggie-waste plastic bag we always take on these outings. If stopped and questioned I would hold out the bag to imply if you want to look into this be my guest.

Harper seems less interested these days in exploring new routes than ‘checking in’ with the  more familiar bushes and posts to see what’s been happening since yesterday. This makes dog walks less time consuming. At this time of year this a good things as it is still too cold and dark to stay out long  in the wee hours of the morning (5-9C brrrrr). The evenings are pleasant enough (20C) for longer excursions.  I look forward to the return of the morning sun to warm us up and keep us safe from coyotes and javelinas that might be lurking in the dark of the morning.

At the Spo House I am the Dog-walker but Someone sometimes fills in. I’ve learned never to take out Harper while he’s outside as she figures he’s supposed to come with us. She seems to panic when he stays behind or goes indoors; she pulls me back as if afraid to be separated from Someone. Harper Hound is indeed his dog and I am merely The Other Dog with the advantage of opposable thumbs to open doors and get us going.

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