I read on Facebook and other sites for friendly socializing it’s rawther cold in most parts of the country. Some write it’s downright gelid in their neck of the woods. Living in Arizona has its faults but I am grateful to be here. This week’s highs range between 20 and 23C. By summer the tables will turn and my Midwestern relations will have their comeuppance. But for now I had the upper hand. I can go outside without freezing my wrists off. Suddenly the scorpions seem worth it.

This morning I weigh 78.4 kilos, which is down from 78.8 kilos last week. I started the year at 80.6. Let’s hear it for regular exercise and sensible eating!  There is more to go however. Palm Springs is coming. *

A Spo-fan recently asked for follow-up on The Father Figure and his prostate cancer. I called home last weekend for a check-in. As is his wont The Progenitor tells me all the goings-on of the family until I interrupted him to ask about did he have radiation therapy. He stated he had one week’s worth of RT without any overt adverse reactions and he finds out next month if it did him any good. He then went on to the topic of Mother beating him again at cribbage, indicating he isn’t at all vexed by it so I won’t either.

insanity  The sleeping arrangements at Spo-house have taken an odd turn that Someone likes to fall asleep holding Harper. From the looks on her face she seems to be doing this with a quiet patience just long enough for Someone to fall asleep and then she gets up from underneath the covers to sleep on top of things at the end of the bed. This seems to be her position of choice and comfort – for awhile. If I should get up in the night she gets up as well – and moves directly into my space.  I lean over and ask Cecilia to move which she does after careful consideration as if my command is reasonable. Sometimes I have to get in around the recalcitrant  dog in a sort of “C” to her ensconced “O”. Happily the bed is big enough for all these shenanigans otherwise is would be Nessum Dorma for the lot of us.

I have a new set of daily pill boxes. You know the sort: seven plastic rectangular boxes for each day of the week, divided into AM, noon, PM, and night time bins.  Traditionally mine ‘open on the left’ but this latest opens on the right. It must be made in England or Australia.  I keep trying to open them from the left until I remember.  More than once I’ve taken the daily doses backwards viz. night time to morning.  This is the highlight of my week.  Palm Springs can not come soon enough.



*This was written on Wednesday. Today it is Friday. Last night was our anniversary so we decided to ‘splurge’ with wine and pizza. This morning I feel I’ve gained it all back.