I need to stop composing at work among the no-shows. I write good prose (if I may say so) but my hummingbird brain forgets to post said masterpieces so when I get home I have nothing.  

“The infinite monkey cage” podcast this morning was about whether or not man is still evolving.* One of the topics was the genetics of lactose in/tolerance. Apparently U.K. white supreme types like to drink milk in public as a brazen sign of alleged genetic superiority showing they can digest diary.  It is true thems descended from Nordic stock can digest dairy while most of the world can not. The sight of a sullen skinhead glaring at people while donning a milk mustache doesn’t elicit fear in me so much as the giggles.

Urs Truly has no troubles drinking milk but I dislike the stuff; there is something downright disgusting about it. I think I have one or two glasses of milk in a year max, consumed with the Christmas cookies. Otherwise cow-juice is off the Spo-menu other than the occasional drop into my tea to cut the tannic. 

Someone regularly drinks milk. We used to buy the organic-type kind-to-trees dolphin-safe ultra-pasteurized type that suspiciously lasts for weeks, but he goes though the stuff so quickly there is no need for such refinement. I now buy him the ‘usual cheap stuff’ in large plastic jugs. I catch him sometimes drinking right from the jug which adds to the ‘yuck factor’ of the beverage.**

On the other hand while I abjure milk I adore cheese while Someone doesn’t care much for the stuff. Sometimes we clash on the topic. I try to show I am not arguing but merely explaining why I am correct.  Cheese is various, flavorful, and good on the palate – like my men. Milk is a homogeneous (pun intended) tasteless beverage full of dairy industry matters. Oh well. As one of my analytical professors said to me in my residency:  there is no accounting for taste.


*Short answer: Yes. The podcast is a cross between ‘Cosmos’ and ‘Monty Python’. It is worth hearing.

**I realize there is a lack of logic here; I regularly kiss Someone on the mouth etc. Please don’t write in.