It is raining here in Phoenix – a rare event indeed. Alas, The Super Bowl will have to be canceled. Rather I will stay home and drink tea and read books.  Perhaps an afternoon nap will be necessary. I hear one can go on Youtube to watch all the commercials. Why on earth the sports barons allow this is a mystery as it seems to negate the need to actually watch the silly game. 

People get into a swivet over anything and everything these days but I am bewildered I don’t see more remonstrance in the social media on this year’s absence of Valentine Day candy hearts. An unpredicted consequence to the cessation of NECCO (oh the horror!) they aren’t making any more candy hearts. The loss of NECCO wafers was bad enough but ‘no hearts on V-Day’ borders on human rights violations.  On 2/14 I don’t care about dinner or roses; don’t give me no chocolates. I can even go without “I love you” – just give me a handful of hearts. 

Yesterday at Albertsons while looking for picante sauce (hot) I ran across bags of Brachs. My eyes widened; my face was suddenly lit with joy. The sight of the pink plastic bag full of pastel hearts hit me like the radiance of a brilliant sunrise. I could not believe Fate had delivered me such a gift.  I bought two bags. 


While filling up the candy dish with one of the bags (having consumed the other) I wondered how on earth did these lovelies come to be.  I have a terrible intuition these been sitting in some warehouse until now. Like the sausage principle, it’s best not to think too much on it.  Happily they taste the same: a chalky TUMS-like flavor with the redolence of artificial peppermint.  I am a happy Spo. 

Later I bothered to read some of the pale red fuzzy sayings on the hearts. These may be older than I first imagine, for one read “Thou mayest”