“Enough about food!” said the succinct email from They-Who-Must-Not-Be-Denied. Apparently The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections is figuratively fed-up with entries on milk, sweets, and so forth.  That happens when one is watching ones calories. So I close my eyes and reach into the inner-compartment of my mind and pull out the subject of packing.

Finally it is February and one (meaning I) can be openly excited about the pending party at Palm Springs. Some people pack for their holidays ‘at the last minute’.  I do the opposite: I start organizing weeks beforehand. After all some of the fun of going on vacation is the anticipation of such. Here’s a little taste of what went through my mind over the weekend on the topic.


Last year I threw a lavish whisky and cheese party using rare and exquisite specimens from England, France, and Vermont (not a country in itself) . It was quite the success so I am planning  another one. I have to figure out which bottles of booze to bring and which fermented curds to order. I have barely nibbled into the bucket list of going through the entire menu of The Monty Python Cheese Sketch;  I have plenty to choose from. I started scanning the internet looking for proper cheese and imperial tid-bits. I may even order some mustard from (of all places!) Tewkesbury England. Oh the ecstasy. *


Winter holidays are when Spo-shirts shine. I have eight days (two for travel) so that means eight shirts to choose from.  I have picked out the initial eight. “Initial” is a reference to the likelihood I will go through my trousseau several times to come up with the right balance of old favorites and ones not yet debuted. Showing up in last season’s Pradas (as it were) would be quite the faux-pas.


I used to spend a lot of time figuring out which tomes from the ‘to read’ shelf go with me on my holidays. Someone the Rationalist points out our Kindles negates this tradition  but I still like ‘proper’ books read at poolside. They make me look more scholarly (provided I am not reading anything with covers too trashy).  Books still initiate conversations from strangers who happen to be bibliophiles. I find it handy to gaze around or over a large tome in an apercu to have a look-see at the others at the resort.


Inndulge does a lovely job supplying thee boys with basic boozes at happy hour but scotch snobs and thems who drink more sophisticated stuff like Negronis and Boulevardiers are at a loss. I plan bring a few mixers and whiskies (no rubbish). Someone brings a large box of Diet Coke, his DOC (drink of choice). One could argue both sorts of libations can be readily purchased when we are there as CA actually has grocery stores but soda pop (and liquor) prices are cheaper back home.

We have a bit of vanity being seen schlepping all this into the resort. On the other hand it all sends the signal there’s partying to be had in Room #32.

Group of friends alcoholics people at a bar illustration.

* Turophiles with recommendations are free to leave comment on any recommendations for must-try-or-perish types.