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My work day officially starts sharp at 8AM when I see my first patient. However I usually start working around 6 to 630AM. I am always the first one into the office. When I arrive I make a pot of tea or coffee (the latter, if I know The Boss Man will be in that day), I sit down to the computer, and I get to work.

I like this twilight time. It is quiet and I am by myself. What I do in the early morning hours is helpful  later on when I want to stay on time. It has a certain peace. I am able to work uninterrupted by calls and staff matters. I turn on music or a podcast. There is a pleasant low-key industry to renew prescriptions and set up the progress notes for the pending work day.

There is a sort of virtue to this time of the day . People tend to respect and admire you.  I daresay this is a hangover from medieval times when getting up early to work was a necessity. Perhaps we made it a virtue to compensate for the misery of long work days.  Over time the sure sign of ‘success’ was NOT working but having long leisurely days initiated by sleeping in. History has come full circle and long hours are again a sign of success. Being busy is the new status signal: “I work 12-14 hours a day I am very important”.

It’s nearly 8AM here at work. The secretaries and billing staff are coming in. There is a sense the place is ‘waking up’. I will see nearly thirty patients today between now and closing time. These are long days. I don’t mind really. On the other hand, my interest starts to wane around 3PM but the work ends at 5. I pity the patients coming in after 4: they are getting the last bitter drops out my gray matter grapefruit that has been squeezed a bit too many times today.  🙂

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