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Spo-reflections 2006-2019

I do not know what is the average life expectancy for a blog. Today marks thirteen years writing Spo-reflections. Lucky number 13! If blogs are measured in people years mine is in its adolescence; if done in ‘dog years’ it is an old one declining towards its death. You are as old as you feel I suppose. My scribblings are inspired by The Muses who are ageless archetypes* so this could go on indefinitely.*  We shall see.Rest assured to Spo-fans far and wide my enthusiasm remains bright as the brilliance of a radiant sunrise.. It’s one thing to endure a boring marriage but a boring hobby does not make sense.   It remains jolly good fun and definitely not dull.

While composing this blog-day post I stopped to consider how many blogs I read that as old as mine or even older. I’ve seen countless blogs come and go over these thirteen years; there’s been so many of them I can no longer recall them. Sometimes I go back to my early entries and remember blogs from long ago. Not all ex-bloggers became ghosts. A few turned into ‘friends without blogs”or Facebook followers, so they keep in touch. Alas, the majority disappeared like the dimetrodons, leaving me with a few fragments of fossils and questions what the hell happened to them.

But these are sad thoughts for a festive day. I will pat myself on the back for another year of writing and take comfort I’ve gladdened some people who have bothered to drop by to read it.

As always I am grateful for Spo-fans and thems who leave comments.

Please come along with me for another year of Spo-reflections.





*The ages of The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections members are estimated to about 1,200 years old. I once asked them to clarify but they said Vikings do not tell their age or weight.

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