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Although I am in California my mind remains on Arizona Time. [1] Breakfast is served at 7AM but I’m awake each day at 5AM local. The weather is good this week but at that time it’s a bit cold. I’ve spent some time each morning sitting in the hot tub, meditating on virginity or something [2]. 

It’s quiet at 5AM. There is no one around. I have the tub to myself. During the day the hot tub is rather social viz. people talking. The area and seating arrangements do not allow someone to sit alone; one is obliged chat. In contrast at 5AM sitting hot tub is rather ‘zen’. I get to think great or gormless thoughts. [3] There is nothing like a dwam inspired by bubbling hot water.  

One recurring thought I”ve had this week is I have one of these at home but I never use it. There are a few reasons. The hot tub at Inndulge is a sunken ‘walk in/walk out’ type while mine is above-ground; one has to crawl over it to get into it an awkward maneuver at most. Once in my mind begins to race with all that is calling me from inside the house, including Harper who seems to be always on the wrong side of every door.  Home-alone hot tubbing is a lonely endeavor. Somebody joining me in for a fateful encounter of chat (or something) never happens at home. 

Tomorrow we go home. After these visits I vow to use my hot tub more often than none.  Cleaning the cover and getting some steps would make it more attractive and assessable. I can set an alarm obliging me to stay put for 15 minutes. As for Harper Someone can take over letting her in and out.  



[1] For Spo-fans outside of The States, this is not Mountain Time. Arizona Time does not do Daylight Savings Time but remains intransigent. You would think this would make things simple but it doesn’t.  Half the year we are in league with California (Pacific Time) and the other half with New Mexico (Mountain Time); I never can remember which 

[2] Shakespeare reference. 

[3] The serenity is interrupted by thought about the dozens of men use this tub daily. It makes me think how often the tub is cleaned and maintained. Perhaps it is like the sausage rule or how does Santa visit everyone on one night only: it’s best not to think about it. 

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