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I have a cold. Someone has one as well, although his is worse. We tend to turn to our own ways of dealing with illness. My approach is to consume lots of hot beverages, mostly tea.* On the principle really nothing can be done to speed up a URI other than time and rest, hot drinks are a comfort, at least to me.  Someone doesn’t like hot drinks; he prefers cold ones with masses of ice.  I like a hot drink (whether I am sick or healthy); I pull down from the shelf one of our (my) mugs and put the kettle on.

We have a tea ceremony that has not varied in twenty years:

“Would you like some (whatever is being brewed)?” I announce from the kitchen.

“No thank you” says Someone.

“Ah, but it’s really good (whatever is being brewed)” I reply.

“No thank you” says Someone again.**

And that’s that.

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion and everyone has preferences but thems who don’t like hot brews are just wrong. There is nothing more settling to the soul than bringing to one’s mouth a warm cup, pausing to inhale the steamy hot contents prior to taking a sip as you warm the nose and trigger the inner parts of the brain to release lots of delicious delightful dopamine.  Who needs cocaine when there is hot coffee or tea?

As I sit here with a sore throat, nasal congestion, and general malaise, I am comforted by my beverage. I am using the blue and white mug pictured below; it is as deep and as wide as the Moscow river. Tea may not have true efficacy in the treatment of hot colds but it makes being sick – and Life – a more pleasant endeavor.




*I remember reading an ancient Greek medical treatise in which the writer physician recommends if your patient should suffer from a sudden loss of motor function on one side only of the body hot potions could be prescribed on the grounds they could practically do no harm.


**Someday (after the life insurance is settled) he is going to leap up and say something like “Yes! Please give me a cup, a large one!” and I will drop dead from cataplexy.

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