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Note: This entry puzzled The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections. I had to explain to them “self improvement” and this was an attempt at tongue-in-cheek humor. I don’t think they were entirely assuaged but they gave it the ‘OK to publish’. They asked I add a footnote or something clarifying I am perfectly OK really other than a cold. For rapacious clods they can be awfully fussy.

I am rawther tired at the moment of anything that has to do with self- improvement and growth. All week long at work I try to guide/coax/plead/bitch-slap others (and myself) to be better than they are. I want to devolve for a while. I don’t think I will degenerate to the point of becoming a Sleestak* but just enough to let the higher brain bits (often in overload) to coast for a bit while the lizard parts further down the brainstem get to temporarily rule the roost. This may be sickness talking. I still have a cold and I don’t feel like doing nothing (including prescriptive grammar). It’s amazing how quickly the house falls apart when I get sick. Worse, we both are ill, and House of Spo looks like the untidy realm of two O.B.s (Old bachelors).  Oh the embarrassment.

I have a ponderous pile of journals and medical lectures to read and hear, all on the grounds of improving my professional skills. There is a bigger pile of ‘good books’ next to it. Duolingo sends nagging notices I haven’t done my language lessons in a fortnight. Screw’em all. I just want to watch TV while eating something that has no nutritional value whatsoever.  I don’t think Public Opinion will bang on my door demanding I return to Great Courses lectures and daily oatmeal. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections of course thinks self-growth and improvement as useless as a priest on a raid so there will be no complaints from them.

After work today I am forgoing gym/exercise/vegetables/Proust and anything else ‘good for me” to go home to an early bedtime. Instead of falling asleep listening to a podcast on history or science I will watch “The Land of the Lost”. After all it made me the man I am today.




*Sleestak were once upon a time a highly intelligent and telepathic reptilian race but they devolved into a bunch of mindless hissing bipeds. Once devoted to the arts and science they are now confined to running around in old Saturday morning kiddie shows. Take note.

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