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Walking the dogThe sun is coming up earlier with each passing day and the temperatures are rising; these conditions make for longer and more comfortable dog walks. Harper is pleased. We had a lot of rain last month. It’s amazing how quickly desert vegetation grows in response to said conditions.  I feels like overnight weeds of all sizes and shapes spring up out of nowhere.  Once that was only brown dirty desert is now knee-deep in buttercups and daisies and what not.  Harper isn’t much of a flower-power pooch unless of course some other dog has peed on them.  While she tries to identify the pooch I am try to ascertain the plant genus and species.

Desert plants have sinister looks. I lump them into the categories of cacti (thems with pricks) and triffids (thems with venomous whip-like tongues).  A good rain favors the latter. Soon we will be up to our oxters in wandering carnivorous Friends of Audrey making dog walks dangerous. Harper is scared of children but she thinks nothing of jumping blindly into the bushes. I have to keep her on a short leash lest she become Triffid-chow. I don’t know recall how Triffids are exterminated in the movies but here in Arizona we need a few days of 40C to desiccate the dastards and bomb them back to Stonehenge.  Alas that won’t happen in a long while unless Global Warming does its duty and brings such temps in April not June.  Meanwhile I hope the HOA hires The Ghostbusters or somebody like them to eradicate the weeds making dog walks safe once again.

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