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As we age we realize Life if full of disappointments. The great letdown of my life was it didn’t resemble a “Bewitched” episode. Long before I connected the dots to the subtexts of the show I was bedazzled by its manifest contents. Oh how I longed to be like Samantha. I also wanted family and friends like hers viz. fabulous folks with flair.  My actual network of relations were nice people (still are) but none of them would suddenly appear dressed in marvelous costume to upset the status quo.*

A lot of my life has been trying to emulate ‘Bewitched’ as much as possible. While I work I tend to wiggle my nose as things happen on the screen as if I am causing the changes. I snap my left hand while manipulating the mouse with my right, to move things along.  When Someone confronts me with a bungle or mishap of mine I sometimes say ‘Well..”  These are little things I know but they are jolly good fun.

My relations did not follow my lead to be fabulous and magical but remained oh so nice and practical Midwesterners. So, in my family, I am the one who appears with flair and magic. I am the Uncle Arthur/Endorra/Cousin Serena of the Spos, a role I relish.**


The House of Spo has a few Friends of Samantha: it has a ghost (Henrik) and a few elves (Cup Fairies, Car Key Gnomes et. al.) The blog has its collection of ersatz Bewitched characters (Muses, Fates, Norns, Furies, Skanks et. al.) that suddenly pop in usually when I don’t want them.

In the end I suppose my life is more “Addams Family” than “Bewitched” but that’s OK. Both shows are based on characters who are off-beat and don’t care tuppence to conform or keep up with the Joneses. Indeed the Joneses are boring sequacious sorts not worth emulating. There are hardships and drawbacks being light in the loafers but in the end I am glad I am more Doctor Bombay than Doctor Kildare.


*Growing up and watching the series I had zero empathy for Darrin (both of them). Why on earth would he be so ashamed of his wife and in-laws he demanded them to stifle their true selves? Who gave a damn Darrin(s) what the neighbors think? Most of the show’s fun was watching Endora and Uncle Arthur pay no attention to his whiny demands but drive him to distraction and looking fabulous doing so.  See any parallels?

**Someone would say I am mostly Aunt Clara. This isn’t nice but I admit that it fits.

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