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Note: this is short one as I didn’t have much time.  🙂

Time  Brother #4 conveys Warrior-Queen is most anxious about their upcoming visit to visit me (27 March). ‘That’ so far off!” she tells me over the phone in a voice most disconsolate. I suppose to an 8yo a fortnight feels like forever but for me fourteen days goes by in a mere blink of my eye.*  I recently listened to a physics lecture on time dilation; this is time slowing down as things accelerate. The talk was full-up with Einstein’s theory of relativity (specific, not general). It was hard to follow but I got the gist. It confirmed my lifelong suspicion Time isn’t a fixed thing but something that fluctuates and can’t be trusted as far as I can kick a lemon pie.

Everyone knows the sensation ‘Time flies when you are having fun’ and it drags at work or at the dentist or in line at the grocery store behind some loquacious person in need of medication. It is a comfort knowing this is not something delusional but based on proper physics. Apparently going the speed of light (or close enough) makes clocks slow down although you don’t realize it. If this sounds confusing, it is but assuredly it is so.

The Spo-house seems to confirm the mercurial aspect of Time: we have nearly a dozen of time pieces and none of them run at the same rate. I give a break to my great-great-aunt’s wind-up chime clock as it/she is a bit worn after nearly a century. However the Fitbit and the Apple laptop ought to be in synch shouldn’t they? They are based on some cesium clock in outer space or something. It all supports the hypothesis Time is relative and not the same for everyone – just ask Warrior Queen or most of my patients for that matter.  They seem to have different concepts of appointment times than I do.  Stirges.


There is a word for this: Zenosyne (n):  the sensation time accelerates as we age.

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