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I heard on a podcast this morning the planet Mercury is in ‘retrograde’. The harbinger of these ill-tidings warned her listeners to be on the look-out for problems especially technical ones like password snafus. One wonders how astrology managed to incorporate the iPhone into its ancient belief system but there it is. I remember from astronomy the orbits of the planets in relation to Earth look like they temporarily go backward from time to time as if they are backing up prior to surging forward. In astrology this is correlated to bad times and bungles. Mercury in retrograde is apparently bad for accidents and bungles. I recently decided to try a password manager to corral my dozen or so passwords I continually fail to remember. This isn’t going well but now I know it is due to Mercury in retrograde and not Gremlins or The Cup Fairies.*

Mercury in retrograde strikes me as being another example of cognitive bias. We believe things that validate our views while discarding anything that refutes them. Humans are forever trying to find explanations for bad events. An alleged increase in misfortune is due to peripatetic planets or the full moon** or God’s will or whatever trite reason suits the situation. Alas Babylon! We are not content with things ‘just happening’ without cosmic or sinister influences.

I hope Mercury gets out of reverse soon and moves forward so I can have a good-enough weekend. I want to get Lastpass up and working by Monday. I see the moon is waxing gibbous and Saturn is in Gemini which sounds good to me. I hope that is enough to trump the nefarious influences of Mercury and the Cup Fairies.



*Mr. Rationalist A.K. A. the fellow I live with suggests the explanation is more simple: I don’t know yet what I am doing and I am not reading the directions carefully. It isn’t nice but I admit that it fits. It is easier to blame Obama and/or Mercury and jolly good fun too.

**I am certain to get emails or comments insisting there is such a thing as The Full Moon Phenomena. Please don’t write in. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections has heard this before.

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