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I don’t know exactly why I am so fond of the Irish. One of my guilty pleasure is watching a Youtube channel in which Irish folks try various food and drink. The fun is watching them cringe and gag at the reported repellence of the foodstuffs.  These posts are the same; only the food changes. I keep going back like a moonstruck calf as I adore an Irish accent. I’ve never dated an Irishman but any wanting my favors he would only have to read the Yellow Pages and I would be his.

St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, which means I don’t get to wear my special bowtie to work. Since I won’t be going out today (other than the gym) I see no need for ‘wearing of the green’. Urs Truly has no Irish in his family tree (worse luck!) so it’s a day borrowed than realized. Sooner I’d eat rats at Tewksbury than go to a bar today. Drinking green beer sounds appalling. I once worked with a physician from Dublin. She was aghast and a bit flustered seeing all the nonsense that passes on the day.  Apparently no Irish person in his/her right mind would be caught in a St. Patricks Day parade – until lately. She relates a few stereotypical parades happen nowadays in Ireland proper as the tourists expect them. 

I will start the day with some proper Irish Breakfast tea (no rubbish).  I will listen to Irish music and read some Yeats and Joyce. I think there is some Teeling in the cupboard to have a snort in honor of the day. That will be my St. Patrick’s Day 2019 and it sounds good enough.  

P.S. if any leprechauns who looks like the fellow in the photo show today I will definitely jump him and never mind the crock of gold. 

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