Patience above! The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections are getting into Ikigai!

Once in awhile some door-to-door person foolishly drops by their fortress A.K.A. The Boardroom, hoping to sell them something. Normally these unfortunates are butchered or sold downriver* but last weekend one of these villains somehow got in and out with their digits intact AND they planted a flea in their archetypal ears.  Ikigai (I look up) is a sort of Japanese philosophy  about ‘your reason for living” or that which makes ones life worthwhile. I am just beginning to study this myself, so I am hardly an expert but I think this is just another way of saying having meaning in your life. Ikigai has four components:

Things we love

Things we are good at doing

Something the world needs

Having enough money to get by

If you have all four then you have Ikigai, a sense of contentment in your lot in life . You enjoy what you do/are and you are good at what you do. What you do benefit others and you have enough resources (money or otherwise) to sustain it.

Do I have Ikigai? Let’s see:

Despite some faults (what job doesn’t) I am glad to be a physician particularly a psychiatrist. I am not one of the alleged burned-out docs. I wake to be glad to go to work.

I am good at what I do, or so I hope. I think I get enough positive feedback from others to support my self-evaluation I do a good job.

Something the world needs? Indeed. When you earn a living through human illness and suffering there is no lack of need

Yes, I am paid OK. Compared to my fellow wizards my salary is on the low-end of the scale but it is more than most folks I am told. I really try not to compare it to others but to my own yardstick is it enough. Yes it is.

So I suppose I have good reason for living and my work is meaningful. That’s a nice feeling.

Meanwhile I get to see what TBDHSR is going to do with this alleged insight. They love what they do (pillage and rapine) and admittedly they are very good at it. From what I can tell it pays very well. They seem short on the fourth item: “something the world needs”. I will see how far they go on this before they return to their unflappable ways. Last time they dabbled in philosophy was after two LDS missionaries showed up.  “We understand Mormonism (they explained to me afterwards) we have eaten the missionaries”.  Sometimes they are quite sensible.



*Mormons and JWs fare worse: they are invited in then barred exit and forced to clean the bathroom.