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“Well that was a real downer” read this morning’s email from The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections. They took umbrage at yesterday’s entry. Apparently they interpreted as literal truth my metaphor about the CEO with an unruly board of directors in need of careful monitoring. Sensing a hostile takeover of a rival board (probably the Picts) they held an emergency board meeting in which it was unanimously voted to burn down the board room. As a consequence I am writing this from my work place.

21 March is the birthday of J.S. Bach, composer extraordinaire and overall stud. In celebration of the day at work I was playing fugues and cantatas . My administrative assistant, who is in his 20s, asked what I was listening to. I explained. He looked at me in that nice way underlines do when they are being too polite to admit they haven’t a clue what you are talking about.  Oh the horror. I explained who was Herr Bach.  Later on I pointed out to him Google’s headline was in the shape of Bach playing the harpsichord – see I am not the only one who knows about him.

Last night I arranged a weekend trip in April to Michigan to visit Brother #3 and family. This gives me something to look forward to. Nothing is planned so far. I suppose I will spend some time playing games with the niblings. The Progenitors (A.K.A. Mother and Father) will probably feel a bit left out I am not visiting them so they will probably come up for a visit or vice versa. This will lead to other Spos coming by as well.  I do have a nicely knit family this way. I hope to see some daffodils I miss them so.

This week the electronic health records suddenly provided a means to drop templates into progress notes. Hot puppies indeed! This is a godsend.  Usually I have to cut and paste my own creations from Word into the notes. This new system is much quicker and more convenient.  Templates are a tricky thing as one must avoid merely repeating the same note over and over.  In health records this is how mistakes keep going and this is way bad in legal matters.  Even when the patient is more or less the same time after time I must make individual notes.  Often a note that says ‘everything is OK/same’ is more tricky than when things are happening.


Next Monday I go for a colonoscopy. I have patients (mostly men) so terrified of the procedure they have never had one. I don’t mind getting scoped but they are a nuisance. Taking time off and doing the prep are tedious matters for me. My ‘scope is about 3-4 years overdue this way.  Every time I have one of these I rue the day I didn’t go into a specialty with a billable medical procedure. What a racket these GI MDs have! My GI doctor is a nice man well over four feet. This nurse is a bit patronizing that she likes to ‘educate’. I politely remind her again I am not unfamiliar with anatomy despite being only a psychiatrist and not a proper doctor (no I don’t use those words).  I suspect in my chart I am down as a smartypants but apparently not down as a physician.

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