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Ever since The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections burned down the board room I’ve had no place to write. I start entries at various home and work computers, but these prodromal compositions get left behind like the half-consumed cups at home. I think this is my fifth attempt at writing something anything; I am darned determined to publish this one. 

After my ‘scope on Monday I’m still not feeling myself. If I were a Crayola crayon I would be in need of sharpening; if I were a podcast episode I’d be running at 1/2 to 3/4 speed.  Mercifully I can still remember my zip code and my way home from work. Someone says I am ‘somaticizing’ which smacks of temerity as I am the shrink at Casa de Spo not he. 

Speaking of Someone he did a fine job getting the house ready for Brother #4 and family (who arrive soon). He washed all the windows and he cleaned up behind things that haven’t seen daylight in ages. It all looks clean and tidy. I am glad to have my evening/weekends freed up again. 

Between work and housekeeping there’s been precious little time for anything else, including reading blogs. I feel bad when I am not regularly reading my favorites. After all if people are going to read mine I should keep up reading theirs.  I don’t recall any blogger buddy has ever objurgated me for ‘lack of attendance’ but there it is.  While my Michigan relations are in the pool this weekend I can sit on the back porch and get caught up.  It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good; my lack of time precludes me from Facebook and Twitter etc. so I feel quite relaxed not knowing what That Dangerous Clown is up to these days.* 

So that’s the quick all the news that’s fit to print and otherwise. The niece A.K.A. Warrior Queen will be sleeping in The Blue Room, where Henrik the Ghost usually hangs out when he is in town. I hope she doesn’t upset him too much. I better sign off and make one final round about the place for any missed dust bunnies or half consumed cups. I turn my back only for a moment and the Cup Fairies hit quick.



*No good that’s certain. 

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