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I have canceled my usual Friday night happy hour with chums to go directly home after work to attend a sort of birthday party. My niece A.K.A. Warrior Queen has arranged a soirée for her stuffed animal. She got it here last time she visited Arizona. I forget what sort of animal it is or its age. We are to have a cake and there may be prizes.  Her father, Brother #4, will be grilling something for the supper.

I am not good at grilling. Were I was better at it! This may be from lack of practice although I don’t remember being too good at it even when I tried. Once upon a time when the outside gas grill was functioning we did a lot of grilling. I was just getting the hang of it when the grill went kaput. That was years ago. We have two Webbers, a tall and a small, standing next to the defunct gas grill. Neither of the black beasts have been used in ages. Setting up the coals and waiting for them to glow and running in and out of the house with platters of food (in the ardent heat of summer) is rather time consuming.

I have a bit of guilt whenever I am grilling. As a cooking technique grilling isn’t very PC what with its consumption of coal and lighter fluid generating nasty fumes into Phoenix’ already quite polluted air. Then there is the high fat-high cholesterol meats with their charred bits full of carcinogens and nitrates (not good for health and heart). Nevertheless the cooking method is still part of a man’s measure, like changing a tire. A real man knows how to grill.

I confess grilled food is my guilty pleasure. These days I don’t each much meat and less beef but Oh! The joy of on-the-grill cheeseburger or baby-back ribs! There is nothing quite like BBQ!

I am much looking forward to tonight’s dinner. Perhaps Brother #4 can teach me some tips and I got dips on all the ribs.



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