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I work three days a week in the Phoenix office while the other two are spent in Mesa. The two locations constantly send things back and forth to each other. Guess who is the messenger boy.* At the end of each work day the staff packs up papers, charts, and do-dads for Urs Truly to schlep home and bring tomorrow to the other place. Things are tranpsorted via a black file box. I christened this “The most difficult case”.

The Most Difficult Case and I have been attached and wandering about The Valley of the Sun for 15 years like Jacob Marley’s Ghost. About a month ago it became unhinged.**  We could see it was just a matter of time when the top comes completely off making The Most Difficult Case feckless.

They say the time to dig the well is before you are thirsty. I’ve been on the look out for a replacement before the clinic is obliged to get one.  Last weekend while killing time in Office Max (don’t ask) I found this lovely item:


Behold The Most Difficult Case II  !!!

It has some advantages over the old one: II is slightly larger than I which is good as besides patient charts and what-not I use TMDC to transport my dirty dishes and tea things.*** TMDC II doesn’t have a handle but a collapsable pull handle like a carry on case at the airport. It also has a combination locks for the hinges. The instructions warned me the makers are not responsible for remembering my custom-made combinations.  I picked the two area codes in the area – a precise if not too imaginary decision so staff will remember them.

The House Manager and the Boss Woman were pleased as punch with my purchase. I suspect they were silently relieved I did NOT purchase a Versace bag or last year’s Prada as I had threatening to do.

TMDC II is bit oh-so-practical dull but I plan to coif it up with some fabulous stickers.

Come back in six months it may be as bedecked as the Berlin Wall.


*No, I don’t get paid extra for this service. One time I forgot to bring things so the House Manager at the time asked one of the counselors if she would do so as she was headed that way. She took umbrage stating she couldn’t be bothered as she is a professional.

**Better it than I.

***Occasionally these spill out onto the papers and charts. Oh the embarrassment. No one dares tell me to cut this out though.

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