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My three year residency in psychiatry/neurology at the University of Chicago went from 1989-1992. There were six in my class: two men and four women. We had some things in common and we had vast differences too. However we were a good group – we had to be as the work was strenuous. It required a lot of cooperation and assistance even during times of friction. They were a sort of family. After we graduated we vowed to keep in touch. You can guess what happened. We quickly lost track of each other. I remember years later hearing through the grapevine Peter’s wife had died. I called and left word but he didn’t call me back. Diane and I tried a few text messages when that became available but it didn’t endure.  For nearly thirty years in my professional loneliness I’ve often wondered where they were and how they turned out – and if they remember me.

Yesterday I received out of the blue a letter from Juliet. She sent greetings and update how she was. She listed all six’s office information; she hoped we could get together someday. Interesting to read the five of them still work/reside in the Chicago area. I figured Denise, who was from South Africa, had long ago returned home.

I was struck speechless by this blast from the past. I felt a euphoria I had not felt in many months. It is like when you thought someone had forgotten you – or was even dead – only to discover they are still connected to you despite time and distance. I wrote back immediately wrote to Juliet (fir she included her email) telling her I was delighted to hear from her and yes I said yes I will yes to a reunion.

What will it be like to see people you haven’t seen in thirty years? My memory of them is frozen in the early 90s. I suspect most of them must be grandparents by now. Are they happy in their professions? Did they turn out different than what the thought? I remember Heidi vowed to become a Freudian analyst –did she do so?  I have so many questions to ask.

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Juliet sent along with her letter this photograph. I remember this picture. Juliet, Peter, Diane and Urs Truly are standing in the back row. Denise and Heidi are sitting  around our teacher Dr. Markus. He didn’t wasn’t in great health then; I fear he is dead.

When I look at myself circa 1990 I squirm some with embarrassment how young and green I was and that is how they probably remember me.  I wonder what they will think of me in my current state of being. I hope to find out very soon.

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