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I woke this morning at 315AM from a dream resembling a painting by Hieronymous Bosch. I am scheduled this morning to fly to Michigan Land of Perpetual Snow and Ice.  I am visiting Brother #3 for a weekend of board games and good scotch (no rubbish). The flight leaves at 6AM. Someone did my travel arrangements.  I prefer ‘civilized flying’ which consists of first class arrangements none before 10AM. Alas, today is not such. I am among the hoi polloi.

Spos like each other and like gregarious seagulls they tend to congregate when they can.  My Progenitors (AKA Mother and Father) got wind of my visit as did Brother #4; it sounds like this weekend won’t be the quiet sitting by the fireplace drinking Speyside and playing Parcheesi endeavor so much as going to and from Spo Houses and/or relations dropping in. Several Spos are under 10 and a few of us are young dogs so it looks to be a cacophonous callithump. Would I brought Adderall. The itinerary as changed as often as the weather. I don’t have to worry as do as I am told.  

The weekend will be pleasant (albeit impetuous) but it will be nice to find some quiet time for a nap. My work week was rawwther strenuous and I didn’t get much sleep. * Someone and I agreed he would not attend the Spo-mysteries but he would stay home to work and mind the dog. This all fell through at the last minute and it was too late to get him his own ticket to Spo-land. Rather than stay home knitting bones he is driving to Palm Springs today. When I am asked I will stick with the original explanation of his absence he is working lest my relations find it peculiar he isn’t here but California. I hope he gets some sleep himself for he’s more overworked than I am. 

They are soon to call boarding. I am in the last batch to board. I hope my row-mates washed before coming.  Not that it matters for as soon as I get into my seat (35A on the aisle) I hope to fall asleep quick as a quarter note and orbit the moons of Jupiter.  In their defense I got through Delta/TSA quickly. Mercifully there was no shooting. 


*It feels like ages since I read blogs (worse luck!). I hope to remedy this this weekend.

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