The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections hired a consulting firm (a group of Goths who smelled terrible) who came to the conclusion in order to boost traffic on the blog “I should post cat photos” Unfortunately there are no cats readily at hand to exploit. The boisterous board solved the problem in the usual way: they went on a rapine and brought back a couple of cats. They explained they went a-viking over to “Mitchell is Moving” for Dudo and Moose.


Here is “Moose” taking in the Michigan scenario.  



“Dude”isn’t too sure about this foreign exchange program either, but likes the perch provided by the thoughtful Board. 


Apparently I am in someone’s spot on the couch. 


A compromise was made. “Moose” makes a good hot water bottle. 


Here is “Dudo” helping me with my Saturday morning homework.
I never get this sort of assistance from Harper! 



Oh those crazy cats! What ever would be do without them?! 

I may just have to keep the cats for a while before boxing them up to send back to Spain.  🙂