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23 April is Shakespeare’s birthday but it is also the day back in 1985 when Coca-Cola launched their updated “Coca-Cola” which was eventually renamed “New coke” which was eventually pulled from the market as it didn’t work.  I remember listening to talk radio at the time which was full up with agitated persons all sounding like heroin addicts going through cold-turkey or the beginning of Ragnorak. I recall a woman lamenting that her constitutional rights had been violated while a man hinted we should rise up and set fires to public buildings. Eventually the howl of sharpened famine emanating from the heart of hell got the nabobs at Coca-Cola to remake the old stuff first as “Classic coke” then just “Coke” again and everyone calmed down into the conspiracy it was all done on purpose just to boost sales. People get awfully queer about their soda pop, especially cola drinkers.

Someone doesn’t drink tea and he abhors coffee but he loves his Coca-Cola, particularly Diet Coke. “’Tis mother’s milk to me” he says. He has some every morning as his DOC (drink of choice). When I met him I thought this was a unique quirky trait limited to Someone. Little did I know; he is mere one of a legion of CC devotees and don’t mess with their beverage.

I am not one to drink soda pop; I’m suspicious diet soda is no good for us and the regular stuff borders on evil. For the sake of my marriage I keep my medical views to myself lest Someone end up in court either seeking divorce or as a defendant in a homicide trial.*

Once in a while there are attempts to curtail Cola consumption for health sake but the soda pop industry spends a fortune to make sure nothing curtails such. “The Coke must flow” is their motto. I don’t think they have much to worry about.  Thems that adore and/or need cola are not going to stop.

I just got word Brother #4’s son/DIL just had their baby, born this day 4/23. Last week I told her to ‘hang on’ until today given its association with Shakespeare; I would remember the birthday easier.  She balked but apparently delivered (no pun intended) on 4/23 as I hoped. Brother #2’s first son was also born on 4/23. I recall telling SIL #2 to have her baby born on this day to honor Shakespeare and make it easy for me to remember – which she did.

This all has nothing to do with Coca-cola I suppose but having two nephews whose birthday is today – with Shakespeare – is enough for me to get me a Coke (diet) and celebrate.


*SIL #4 who is also a Cola-nut says she would be on his side. Stirge.

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