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Is there an anonymous group for thems addicted to podcasts? I think I need one. 

I recently went through my podcasts roster in order to count them . Patience above! They total 115! * In my defense some of these podcasts are on break and possibly not likely to return. Another set comes out only once a month. Several are daily but only 5-10 minutes long. I don’t listen to all episodes. 

All the same my eyes cross and my soul swoons by the sheer number of them. It’s like waking up one morning only to realize your house is full up with stuff that has accumulated so slowly you hadn’t noticed.  

The grim reality is there are not enough hours in my day in which to hear them all. I have a similar relationship with books but they are harder to accumulate than podcasts, which are downloaded quick as a quarter note. 

I love learning that’s the problem. I’ve got to come grips I just can’t learn everything. Even if I were to quit my day job and listen all day long my hummingbird-brain probably doesn’t want all that is available on politics, science, history, entomology, and so forth.  No doubt it would act out in panic by snapping a tether or getting me to lose my phone – again.

Perhaps total abstinence isn’t necessary but learning to set some limits.  I can eliminate the podcasts that seem closed. Next to go are the ones I more often than not eliminate as too long or looking uninteresting.  Also to go are the episodes lasting over an hour** and the ones that are basically people gabbing usually over each other rather than taking turns. 

I just did the math and it looks like this gets down the roster to ~ 75 which is better but still too much. I suppose so long as I am not neglecting my duties and the dishes I am OK, although one can certainly listen to podcasts doing the latter (not so much the former). 

Spo-fans are invited to leave in the comments if they have a too-many-podcasts problem OR the know of fabulous ones to recommend. 



*List provided upon request. 

**’Making Sense’ by Sam Harris, and ‘The Tim Ferriss Show ‘ are erudite and well done but heavens both tend to go for 1-2 hours. Whose got time for that? I don’t. I am willing to endure operas by Wagner but not that.

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