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Yesterday at work during the ‘no-shows’ I composed a witty composition only to forget to post it. Even the easiest of work days leave me a bit scattered and forgetful. The human brain tells the body to release glucocorticoids whenever it feels a threat. Alas, alas, the lower brain parts don’t discriminate: they think the incoming next patient is just as dangerous as a hyena. Glucocorticoids viz. stress hormones are good for preparing for fight or flight but they muck up ones memory. It’s wonder by day’s end I can barely remember where I put my car keys let alone posting to WordPress. Post-its help, especially if they are fluorescent yellow and tacked to the computer screen.  Putting the borderline personality cases at the beginning of the work day also helps.

Besides neurochemical overload another factor scrambling my eggs is my allergies. ‘Tis the season hohoho for the mesquite trees being in full bloom. They too are fluorescent yellow. The spring trees admittedly are lovely but the prodigious amounts of pollen pile up and (worse) get up my nose. My eyes itch and I can’t breathe from congestion. Antihistamines help  but make me doubt my memory including my sanity. I shall be in an allergenic-Zyrtec stupor until the temperatures go above 40C and burn it all away. This happens sooner each year. It’s a fluorescent yellow-silver lining to climate change.

Perhaps my brain is merely on strike, fed up with the continuous fusillade of educational podcasts I give it. It refuses to learn/remember anything more, apparently full up like a Memorial Day resort.

I should not complain. The triple goddess of Attention, Memory, and Executive Function can go on holiday for a month. After all being dumb and dizzy has its charms especially in my community. The hummingbirds that house in my cortex can flit around unsupervised for now.


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